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We have done quite a few various websites over the years since with lots of experience and college distinctions to go alongside this.

We believe in creating a nice balance of professionalism as well as a website that is going to be compatible to pretty much everyone who comes across it, be it on a computer, ipod, phone etc., the ways of accessing the net are so versatile it's important your site can reach these requirements.

Of course when doing a website for someone we give the customer what they want from the look to the design, all we need is the basic info from you and your content and we do the rest.

Here are some examples of our work from previous clients.

Coolhead by Easyweb

Coolhead Productions
A website we created for a Universal Records DVD release.
A very high tech site including flash videos behind TV images and interactive buttons.

There was also a flash animated holding page we created while the site was in development.

Note: As flash is fading out and not supported on most browsers and devices we no longer create flash websites.

Robbie Glover Official Website

The Official Robbie Glover Website
Designed in frames, this site includes interactive live twitter app and interactive buttons.
For additional impact, video clips are embedded into the flash elements. Visit Site

DJ Illusion official website DJ Illusion Official Website
Official website for DJ Illusion and his Flashback Show. Visit Site
Ultra Leeds Plumbing Ultra Leeds Plumbing
A simple but effective website to promote a plumbing business, this website is straight to the point and does what is needed for the business.
F1 Hospitality Services & Promotions
A very striking website promoting a very popular company which was designed with a business like appeal to showcase a professional online presence and compete in the highly competitive field, this website has received real great feedback also.
Hal Roberts Official Website Hal Roberts Official Website
Official website for Hal Roberts.


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